Three Prometheans,beings animated by stolen fire, met by chance at a campground outside the city of Medora, ND. An Osirin on the path of Copper whose pilgrimage thus far consisted of hunting down the aberrations his progenitor had created and studied. A Tammuz, a job well done but unpaid, parked his empty truck in the campground to wait for payday. The Cathar Golem is trying to piece together a forgotten life. Finally, one of the Torn finds that the path of quicksilver has also led her to this place. The Riven’s faith in the New Dawn has never faltered, though her ophidian nature demands she examine and seek to understand even her own fundamental nature. These three brand themselves as a Throng to strengthen each other and combat their own natures as they strike out together on the Old Long Walk. They take the symbol of the turtle from the Maah Daah Hey trail as theirs.

These three Created, these beings living with fire stolen from heaven, met by chance in a campground in North Dakota. They will discover that for Prometheans there is no chance, only the hand of fate guiding them on their Pilgrimage as they seek escape their saturnine nights.

The Old Long Walk